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Unfounded by Jessie Lewis (pdf, epub)

Unleash your imagination with Unfounded by Jessie Lewis. Download the free PDF and ePub versions and let this mesmerizing tale transport you to new worlds.

Plot Synopsis

Nobody was fortunate enough to be loved in such a way twice in one lifetime.

Elizabeth Bennet dreads encountering Mr Darcy when she visits Pemberley, for surely, after she spurned his offer of marriage, he must despise her. Yet they do meet, and to her astonishment, he holds no resentment towards her. Regrettably, someone else does. Unbeknownst to Elizabeth, her reintroduction to the master of Pemberley is far from universally welcomed. There are others for whom prejudice is stirred up by the familiarity between Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Darcy is amazed to find Miss Bennet at his house, her opinion of him altered materially for the better. He is busy making plans to renew his attentions to her when other impediments arise that threaten to undermine his hopes of happiness. Will problems with house and household crumble the tender foundation between them before they can build a life together?

UNFOUNDED is a second chance romance at Pemberley and is a novel length Pride and Prejudice variation.

Details About

Name: Unfounded
Author: Jessie Lewis
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Format: PDF & ePub
Size: 1 MB
Price: Free

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