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Trading In Blood by Brea Alepou

Sacrifices are to be expected but they are not easy to make.

Rheland is the king of vampires and in these trying times, he is reminded that ruling with fear alone isn’t good enough. People change and Rheland is the embodiment of that. He knows his past isn’t the cleanest but he wants to spend the rest of his eternity trying to find a spot of his own.

Lynk needs housing for his pack and Rheland wants the man closer. A win-win. What’s a little trade in order to get what he truly desires? Except it’s not just Lynk. There is also a beta that tests Rheland’s resolve, twins that are constantly hot and cold, and the last thing Rheland expected, a human that reminds him of his first love.

A vampire king who has everything but love, a werewolf alpha who never wanted to lead his own pack, a bloodthirsty beta werewolf, brothers who need a strong hand, and a human who only wants to understand the supernatural.

Will centuries of ignoring emotions keep them all apart or can he learn to truly feel something more?