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The Wrong Track by Jamie Bennett

Remy needs a reset.
The past four years have been…rough. Her life, previously on a positive track, has turned into something she wouldn’t have wished on anyone—but now she has the chance to restart. She’s in a new place, a frozen tundra that some people call “Michigan” and she has people looking out for her, trying to help but also driving her a little crazy with their kindness. It’s like they don’t trust her to take care of herself and her problems. And maybe, they have good reason to feel that way.
But everything will be perfect when she can escape on her own to someplace warm, someplace without people, someplace where she won’t have to look over her shoulder all the time, and where the constant nightmares will go away. Until she can leave, she moves in with Tobin, Tobin Whitaker. He needs someone, after all, and she could stay for a while. Just a little while, because she’s moving on for sure, no matter how much he seems to lean on her, no matter how safe he makes her feel in return.
As much as everyone thinks that she’s going to fall apart without them, Remy is actually going to be fine. Right? She can handle her problems, her nightmares, everything. She doesn’t need anyone—except that Tobin is pretty wonderful. He works his way into her life until he’s more than a friend, until he’s more like someone she doesn’t know if she can live without.
But how can she let him take on her history? How can she let him take her on at all? How can she stay—but how could she ever go and leave him behind?