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The Waif and the Warlord by DonnaRae Menard Epub & PDF

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  • Novel: The Waif and the Warlord
  • Writer(s):  DonnaRae Menard
  • Format: Epub & PDF

About Novel

Sometimes change must come from the outside.
Rhys, the last of her people, is captured and presented as a slave tithe to Juran, Warlord Most High. The Warlord has long grasped the strings of every kingdom in the world from his refuge Maldecak, an ancient castle atop a mountain carved by dragons. Caged and raised like a wild beast, Rhys discovers hidden talents she must use to survive as a child gladiator in Juran’s pits. Rhys faces the worst of the world alone, until she is befriended by a meddling wizard, a grumpy troll…and one being more magnificent than them all.

The story of the struggle and rise of outsider Rhys of Moira is a terrible, yet heartwarming, adventure. Fans of books like Tamsyn Muir’s Princess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight Tower will enjoy the dark tale of isolation and self-discovery. The Waif and the Warlord is a fable for teens and adults alike who are just waiting to be inspired.
DonnaRae Menard is the author of multiple mystery and historical novels, such as MURDER ON EAGLE DROP RIDGE and IN THE SHADOW OF PHARAOH. This is her debut traditional fantasy novel.