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The River’s Secret by Georgia Wagner

Once a hypnotist with her own TV show, now, Sophie Quinn works as a full-time consultant for the FBI. Everything changed six years ago. She can still remember that horrible night. Slated to be the River Killer’s tenth victim, she managed to slip her bindings and barely escape where so many others failed. Her sister wasn’t so lucky.

And now the killer is back.

Two PHDs later, she’s now a rising star at the FBI. Her photographic memory helps solve crimes, but also helps her to never forget. She saw the River Killer’s tattoo. She knows what he sounds like. And now, ten years later, he’s active again.

Sophie Quinn heads back home to the swamps of Louisiana, along the Mississippi River, intent on evening the score and finding the man who killed her sister. It’s been six years since she’s been home, though. Broken relationships and shattered dreams exist among the bayous, the rivers, the waterways and swamps of Louisiana; can Sophie find her way home again? Or will she be the River Killer’s next victim to float downstream?