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The Resort by Sarah Goodwin

Mila and her husband Ethan are on their way to her sister’s wedding at a luxurious ski resort. As they drive through the mountains, surrounded by snow covered forests, Mila feels like everything is finally going to plan.
When the car engine suddenly stops and won’t start again.
Stranded, with night closing in, they make their way on foot back to where they saw a sign for some cabins.
When they finally reach them, they find the windows boarded up and the buildings in disrepair. They have the eerie sense they shouldn’t be there.
With snow falling more heavily, they have no choice but to break into one to spend the night.
In the morning when Mila wakes, Ethan is gone.
Now she is all alone.
Or is she?
A totally gripping and spine-tingling psychological thriller with twists and turns that will leave you breathless. Fans of The Sanatorium, The Hunting Party and The Castaways will be completely hooked from the very first page until the final, shocking conclusion.