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The Healer by Courtney Dixon pdf, epub

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  • Novel: The Healer
  • Writer(s):  Courtney Dixon
  • Format: Epub & PDF

About Novel

To heal the body you must first heal the soul.

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I lost everything. My parents were murdered, my best friend was sent to prison for a drug deal gone wrong, and eventually, my grandmother, who raised me since I was fifteen, died. I have been living life day to day to make a good life away from gangs and violence. As a nurse, I can finally do something meaningful. But I’ve been lonely, too, until the bumbling nurse standing a foot taller than me had me constantly irritated, yet, I found him strangely endearing.

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Family is everything. Family is life and goodness, and I would do anything to protect them. Including protecting them from me. When I came out as gay at thirteen, it threatened to tear the family apart. Some supported me. Some were disgusted. So, back into the closet I went to maintain the peace. But after eighteen years of absolute loneliness, there is only one man who could finally pull me out to see the light of day. José is a fiery nurse I work with, and I want him. Unfortunately, I keep irritating him too much for him to really notice me.
Can the two men stop dancing around each other and colliding long enough to realize they are the perfect match? Will Jonas’ family finally accept him as he is? And danger lurks too close to home for José. Can he protect those he loves in time?

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