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The Blessing of Tomorrow by Fiona Baker

Bridget Clark has been given a second chance… but can she truly leave the mistakes of her past behind?
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Bridget has a lot to be grateful for. Elise has re-hired her at Firefly Bistro, and despite her earlier stumbles with love, she’s formed a connection with local police officer Timothy Parsons.
But just as she’s starting to turn over a new leaf, her past collides with her present, threatening to destroy everything.
Sadie and Ethan are also working hard to overcome the past, as he moves on from his career-ending injury and focuses on helping her build up her dog walking business. They even approach Addison and Jesse about investing in the business, hoping to bring their friends on board.
And Charlotte is shocked when a literary agent expresses interest in her book. It’s everything she’s been hoping for, but even as she takes one step closer to achieving her dream, doubt starts to set in—especially when the agent seems to have a different vision for the book than she does.
It’s shaping up to be a busy season in Sea Breeze Cove, with changes, challenges, and surprises all around!
This funny and uplifting women’s fiction series features a cast of characters you’ll want to revisit over and over. If you like stories that explore the beauty of second chances, the importance of family, and the healing power of love, this is the series for you!