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Taken By the Grumpy Boss by Nicole Love

My billionaire boss is a devil blessed with the looks of an angel. I vowed not to be swayed by his charms, but that vow was shredded by a surprise baby.

Nicholas Stark has no professional boundaries; he lets women fall at his feet as if his debauchery was an honor.

When I had to replace a model who quit in the middle of a shoot, I should have known it was because of him. I stormed into his office.

Who would have imagined a verbal spar would end with a scorching kiss that turned my knees to jelly and a mind-blowing touch that melted my body….

I thought nothing would ever come of it. He was my dad’s best friend and business partner, and I’m not that kind of woman.

But my heart said differently.

My pregnancy test came back positive, and I was mortified.

I don’t know how he will react or how to tell my father…