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Stick Shift by K.M. Neuhold

Is it possible my straight best friend had a sudden stick shift?
I made peace with my hopeless crush on my straight best friend, Journey, years ago. It helps that he’s never in the country long and our relationship consists of sporadic texts and video chats at odd hours.
Now Journey is back. Back in the country, in my space, sharing my bed, and something is changing between us.
Neither of us has a clue how to run the small farm his uncle left him, but I’m willing to be the idiot standing next to him, figuring it out. Learning how to shear an alpaca or keep a rogue mini cow out of the kitchen looks easy compared to navigating the sudden change in Journey.
Is he looking at me differently? Is he touching me more? Straight guys don’t normally kiss other men, right? I don’t know what’s happening between us, but I’ll put things in gear and floor it all the way.