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Stepbrothers by Lily Harlem pdf, epub

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  • Novel: Stepbrothers
  • Writer(s):  Lily Harlem
  • Format: Epub & PDF

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Not one, not two, but three s*xy new stepbrothers. Hell yeah, life is about to get real interesting!
This is exactly what’s happened to Clarice Miller. Her mother’s fourth husband has three sons, all unique in their own way, and also handsome, dominant, and, so it seems, madly attracted to their new stepsister.
And she can’t deny she’s all aflutter whenever they’re around; her pulse rockets and her skin heats. Which one to choose? But should she choose any? They’re her new brothers, right, isn’t that kinky as f**k?
The matter is quickly taken out of her hands when she displeases city boy, Parker, and he tips her over his knee for a spanking and then gives her what she’s been searching for. Hugh, a hunk of a fireman, doesn’t have a problem with his brother’s firm hand and soon shows her his wild side.
But can she handle the eldest brother on top of Parker’s and Hugh’s passion-infused demands? He’s a too-hot-to-handle killing machine who turns up fresh from a war zone all brooding and mysterious and with very particular needs.
Only time will tell if Clarice can keep her cool when life reaches boiling point. If she’ll be able to bend to her brothers’ will, and if her body is up to the challenge of taking everything they have to offer—at the same time.

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