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Scorch by Kiki Burrelli

Magnus’s human family would despise him if they found out how deep he’s fallen into the supernatural world. The witching world had been nothing but cruel to his late mother and now his human family wants nothing to do with it. But with an ailing father and siblings who need his help, Magnus doesn’t have a choice. He can’t make enough outside the magic world to support them but he refuses to watch them suffer over something as stupid as money. He’s lucky to live safe and isolated in Crescent City among other witches and werewolves where he has a steady stream of both income and men to call when he needs to let off steam. Magnus never lets himself become overly attached to any one partner, his life is stressful enough without the addition of emotions.

Calore Fier is a billionaire werewolf with his sights set on Magnus. The sexy witch calls to him in a way no one ever has, except, Magnus is resistant to Calore’s charms. He claims he can’t feel the draw that Calore can’t ignore but he didn’t build his empire by giving up. Calore will find out why Magnus is holding back and he’ll tear down those walls until nothing stands between him and his mate.

Every second near Calore is a mistake. The older wolf is pure desire and Magnus’s body aches whenever he is around, but they could never become more. Calore has no idea who Magnus really is or the baggage he carries, and as a solar werewolf, Calore’s life is about elegance and luxury. He wouldn’t understand Magnus’s generic brand upbringing, his need to hide his magic, nor his penny pinching ways. Besides, if his family ever found out he’d embraced the witching world, they’d hate him more than Magnus would hate himself.

Scorch is a standalone novella in the gay, paranormal romance series, Lunar Wolves. It features a sarcastic, proud witch and an arrogant wolf who won’t stop until he gets what he wants.