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River of Bodies by Nicola Clifford

Are two dead bodies the result of a fateful tryst or something even more sinister?
When a woman is found drowned in her workplace after a flood, and a man shot dead near her, the police have an obvious line of inquiry.
Given she was meant to be on a night out with girlfriends, but was rather galivanting with another man, fingers quickly point at a jealous husband.
But not all is as it seems. When the woman’s life is explored, it is discovered that she was involved in illicit activity with her brother, who is now nowhere to be found.
With the police clutching at straws, once again investigative reporter Stacey Logan begins to uncover the truth about the case. But led on by a maverick ex-cop with a death wish, Logan could well end up in serious danger herself.
RIVER OF BODIES is the eighth standalone mystery novel by Nicola Clifford in a gripping series that follows the escapades of Stacey Logan, DS Ben James and others, brought to you by the publisher of the bestselling Welsh crime novels by Pippa McCathie and Cheryl Rees-Price.