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Revengeful Punks by Madeline Fay

Have you ever had the breath knocked out of you? A gasping breath stick in your throat, tightness growing thick that you think this might be it?
I’m going to lay down and maybe never get back up.
Blending into the darkness, wanting to disappear because the one thing that scares you the most comes knocking right at your door. I’ve come this far, survived but how much more can I take? With Logan, Nicky, Tey, Dalton, and Dom at my side, can I find the strength to stand up against my worst fear and fight back?
The men surrounding me aren’t good guys, they hurt without remorse but I’m coming to realize I don’t want the good guy who comes riding on a white horse to rescue me.
I want my villains to corrupt my soul until I’m standing on top with my hands drowning in blood and jewels dripping from my fingertips.
Gone is the innocent, scared girl who ran and ran but in her place is a woman taking control of her life.
Tillie’s is no more, my life ended the moment I met my psycho guys but I was reborn with revenge in my veins. I became very, very bad and it feels really, really good.