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Puppy Madness by Flora Ferrari

It’s my dream job, rehoming abused dogs. The problem? I’ll be working with my best friend’s dad. The man I’ve always had a crush on…
Dominic Dawson. Forty-one and still pure muscle. He’s an ex-military dog handler, tall and handsome with eyes intense enough to make any woman weak. So where does that leave me?
I’m nineteen, independent, and recently moved back to the States. I’m not Miss Confident though.
I’ve never dated, and I’m on the curvier side. And a virgin, too.
And my best friend, his daughter, would freak if she knew I obsessed about Dominic being possessive with me. Or how often I think of kissing him, about him claiming me…
Then he does kiss me, but I think it’s a one off. Only we can’t stop, and things get so steamy I’m sure we’ll be caught. At this rate, it won’t be long until everyone finds out. Will they all be against us? Will my best friend be?
And is Dominic’s heart as intense as his eyes?