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One Big Jerk by J. P. Comeau PDF, EPUB

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  • Novel: One Big Jerk
  • Writer(s):  J. P. Comeau
  • Format: Epub & PDF

About Novel

Arrogant. Ex-flame. Compassionate soul. My emotions are in a whirlwind.

My best friend believes Chase deserves another shot at love. The same man I couldn’t stand! Mr., no apologies? A true alpha with chiseled abs and an irresistible charm.

Why not give a single planned date a try? Rekindle. Reunite. That sounds simple enough!

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However, our perfect night transforms into a nightmare. Can a leopard truly change its spots? But Chase surprises me. Learning of my past traumas and reliance on medications for anxiety and seizures, he displays an incredible ability to ease my worries… Igniting a spark of hope that turns into an inferno of desire.

A haunting shared past fuels our fears… As a sinister stalker jeopardizes our future, drawing us closer than ever before. But when I uncover a hidden truth, not even our passionate nights can mend the damage. Only by fighting with every fiber of our being can we safeguard the precious life growing within me.

Is Chase the ultimate guardian of our expanding family?