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No Marriage of Convenience for a Cowboy by Alexa Verde

An elusive woman with secrets, a quiet cowboy, a precocious child and a rebellious teenager, and a marriage of convenience that hides real feelings…
Arianna Montemayor is so far from her comfort zone that it’s not even on the same planet when this eternal nomad and former runaway considers becoming an instant mom. To win custody of her niece and nephew, she needs a stable job, a house, and a husband, not necessarily in that order. For help, she turns to a local cowboy and the most responsible man she’s ever met, Kieran O’Neill. But once scarred in many senses by men she trusted, dare she trust again?
Kieran would never refuse someone in need, especially orphaned children or the woman whose affection he’s been trying unsuccessfully to win. He’s drawn to her even if she keeps everything about herself a secret. But if he marries her, it wouldn’t be a marriage of convenience for him, but a real one. Then he discovers the children have scary secrets, as well, ones they don’t realize themselves.