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My Big Alien Boss by Loki Renard

I lied on my resume. Now I work for my big alien boss.
The hours are good and the pay is great.
I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’d be a fool to quit.
There’s just one problem.
My boss thinks I’m hot, and sweet, and cute.
(He really doesn’t know me that well.)
The next thing I know?
I’m sleeping with him.
And he wants to marry me.
They used to call that making an honest woman.
(The irony is intense.)
There’s just one problem.
When he finds out how much I’ve lied, I’m going to lose it all.
My job, my home, and my big, handsome alien boss.
She thinks I don’t know.
Watching this human brat muddle her way through what she imagines might be work is the best part of my day.
I know she’s a liar.
I know she’s terrified to tell me the truth.
And I know just how to teach her the lesson she needs to learn before I make her eternally mine.