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My Big Alien Bodyguard by Loki Renard

I’ll protect her at any cost.

My human client is sassy, bratty, and famous.
I’m big, blue, alien – and responsible for keeping her safe.
There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.
Even if she pushes every button.
Even if she tests every limit.
I’ll take her in hand, and I’ll take her into my bed.
Because she’s a bad girl, and she’s a superstar.
Some love her, and some love to hate her.
Everybody thinks they know her.
Everybody wants a piece of her.
She’s many things to many people,
But I am going to make her mine.

My Big Alien Bodyguard is a dark alien romance novel with a possessive, protective alien bodyguard who will stop at nothing to keep his human mate safe.