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Make Her Mine by Tory Baker

She was always the one who got away.
Rosaleigh caught my eyes from the beginning, but I didn’t make my move.
She was too young.
Unfortunately, my best friend didn’t have the same morals.
It killed me, watching from a distance as he disrespected the woman who was always meant to be mine.
When she finally discovers the truth about him, all bets are off.
I’m done holding back.
I make my move, ready to prove she has a real man now—one who will have her back and give her the life she deserves.
I won’t let anything stop me.
She’s not getting away again.
I’m going to make her mine.
This is the first book in the Men in Charge series, each book will be a complete stand alone, the common denominator? An alpha Hero, a man that goes after what he wants, a guaranteed happily ever after, and of course steamy romance!