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Made to Rule by Marianne A. Scott

Made in her Image. Made from Magic. Made to Conquer. Made to Rule.

Two hundred years ago, the balance in the Kingdom of Magic was destroyed when King Baran, the Elemental Monarch, killed the other kings and queens and declared himself the sole ruler. Since then, all other forms of magic have been persecuted, banished, and treated as less than the Elemental Witches.

It’s been prophesied that I will be the one to restore the balance and make the Kingdom safe for all witches and Magical Creatures. I hoped I could work with Prince Archer on this goal. I hoped he would be open to the idea of restoring the four monarchs.

I was wrong.

If there’s any chance of restoring the balance, we must go to war against a sophisticated military and a king who has a devastatingly destructive form of magic. Our army is assembled, but getting everyone to cooperate despite centuries of mistrust is a feat in itself. And I fear it will take every bit of magic, strategy, and teamwork we can muster to emerge from this battle alive.