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Leather & Lace by Geri Glenn

Jennifer Smith doesn’t believe in romance. Which is funny, because she is one of the country’s most popular romance authors. She’s suffered enough heartache to know true romance is pure fiction.

Motorcycles Mobsters & Mayhem is a popular book event in Houston, and Jen’s been looking forward to it all year. After a global pandemic, a relentless cyber stalker, and yet another failed relationship, this trip is exactly what she needs. Friends, drinks, excited readers, and most of all, a week of peace and quiet before everyone arrives.

But peace and quiet prove to be as elusive as true love when one minor accident puts her on a collision course with him.

Cash “Rage” Hudson would rather be anywhere but Houston this weekend, but his little sister’s getting married, and he’s giving her away. As Vice President of the Satan’s Descendant’s MC, he’s always been the black sheep of his conservative family, and he knows this trip is going to be a nightmare.

Running into the feisty romance author is a welcome distraction, but she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length. Then her cyber stalker crashes the event, and Rage is the only thing standing between Jen and a crazed keyboard warrior on a mission to destroy her.