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King of Pain and Petals by Ember Davis

I breathe for the Agosti family, and I would lay my life down for them without a second thought. Everything I have is because of them and I’m rewarded for my loyalty. I have no problem using the skills they’ve given me to extract revenge or payment in blood when it is required of me. When a debt is owed and ignored, I am the one who will be calling.
When Dahlia is offered up as payment by her brother, I don’t hesitate in cashing in. Not because it erases her brother’s debt, but because the moment I see her, with fear in her eyes and betrayal in her heart, I know she’s mine. I’m taking her to protect her and claim her, but her brother’s payment is far from cleared.
He thinks he’s gotten away with it, but he’ll see there is a reason people fear me. I am the king of pain, the bringer of death for the Agosti family. Dahlia is the only one who will never have to fear me. The only thing I ask for in return is her loyalty and her love.
I’ve never been close to my brother, Brett, and we’ve never liked each other much. Still, we’re family. I didn’t think he would ever do something so stupid or involved me. All the illusions I might have had about him are shattered when he uses me as payment for his debts.