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Kill the King by Elizabeth Dear

In Saint Gabriel City, the rule of the Four Families ends now.

They’re bottom-feeding criminals pretending to be the model of the American dream.

They suck the City dry to serve themselves and the elite class that licks their boots day in and day out.

They murdered my parents out of sheer, unbridled greed.

And now, they’ve dared to take Zach from me.

With my boys, my family, and the Shadows by my side, I’ll finish this fight. No more dancing around the corporate boardroom—we’ve come to destroy the Families, and we’ll give it everything we’ve got.

And we’ll continue to run the halls of Holywell Academy while we do it.

Peter Hargraves, Andrea Ferrero, and James Spencer—I’m fucking coming for you, and your sons will be by my side to the bitter end.