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Iliana’s Choice by Leona Page

Iliana Thomas is MateLess.
Only, it’s a lie. A terrible lie to hide the pain of rejection. A lie that no one in her pack, her family, or her tight-knit group of friends suspects. Iliana holds her agonizing secret tightly as she forces herself to move on, to survive, to thrive, all without the male who chose her sister Georgina over her at her side. She has no need of such a faithless male.
Her mate disagrees. Sean caused his fated truemate excruciating pain and will never forgive himself, so how can he possibly ask it of her? Inexcusable betrayal tastes wrong in his mouth, but worse is the knowledge that if Iliana’s lie is exposed, it will be the she-wolf who suffers the consequences.
The pack is facing a threat from a hidden foe, a group of mad scientists kidnapping and murdering she-wolves. When their next luna is a human, an alpha female must be chosen. It is Iliana’s natural spot, and she intends to fight for it, but a MateLess she-wolf can’t hold a position of leadership in the pack.