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Horde Queen by Celia Kyle

Humans are seen as weak. Helpless. Crude. And yet, I hold the heart of the Vakhing King.

Thor found me battered and beaten—he believed me to be frail—but I taught that Vakhing what it means to be human… To be fierce.

He nearly gives up his throne to be with me, but I can’t let that happen. Now, it’s time for me to show everyone what I am capable of. I will prove to this race that I am as strong as their warriors. I am meant to be with the Vakhing.

Thor’s blood Sang for me. And the blood cannot be denied.

But when it comes time for the trials, something is wrong… My tasks are laden with traps. They are nearly the death of me. But as a human, I refuse to be defeated.

I have only two options: win my place at the side of the Vakhing King or… die.