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Her Christmas Duke by Arietta Richmond

Mrs Verity Millwood is recently widowed, and has just been dealt a shocking blow. After a miserable Christmas, she finds herself stranded in a small village, with limited funds, and nowhere to go. She is also, she suspects, faced with an increasing problem, even though she only had a few short weeks with her husband, before he went to war, and perished… When the kindness of strangers gives Verity somewhere to live, at least temporarily, she is somewhat relieved, but then, as she walks on the meadows, she comes across a man like no man she has met before.
Lord Daniel Trowbridge has been hounded by his father to marry – but no woman he has met is in the least appealing. Now, however, he has no choice, for his father’s passing has left him Duke of Summerfield. He spends his energies on caring for his estate, all the while worrying about how he might ever find a suitable woman. One afternoon, as Daniel seeks the peace of the meadows of his estate, he meets a woman more fascinating than any he has ever seen. Little does he know it at the time, but everything will change, from that moment on.