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Her Captor’s Secret Heir by Jenna Gunn pdf, epub

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  • Novel: Her Captor’s Secret Heir
  • Writer(s):  Jenna Gunn & Gabby Hughes
  • Format: Epub & PDF

About Novel

Her Captor’s Secret Heir is the highly anticipated the conclusion of His Irish Captive.
Read more below about this thrilling duet. Please note this is not a standalone book and should be read with book 1- His Irish Captive.
Sometimes the only cure for your pain is the thing that caused it.
Kieran McGregor was the only man I ever dared to let myself want. My insanely gorgeous, steely calm bodyguard.
I trusted him explicitly. With everything. Including my first time. Not to mention my tender, and very foolish, young heart.
We knew it was a dead end road. That didn’t stop us from risking our lives.

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But I couldn’t stop what was coming. The arranged marriage that was barreling down on me like a runaway truck.
I didn’t even know who my father would give me to. The clock was ticking so freaking loud it was deafening me.
Then Kieran vanished. I was utterly shattered and more alone than I’d ever been.
Only my protector wasn’t dead like I feared. A fact he pointed out by roaring back into my life so he could steal me away. Where he promptly tossed me into a whirlwind of hot nights and nail-biting anxiety.
You see… lies, secrets, and deceit cut deep. Mine and his.
Only, I’m afraid he’s the only thing that can take the pain away and make dreams I didn’t dare to dream come true.

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