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Healing The Panther’s Heart (pdf, epub)

Looking for an extraordinary read? Healing The Panther’s Heart by Brittany White offers a mesmerizing journey. Download the free PDF and ePub versions and get lost in its pages.

Plot Synopsis

I ran from the men who were trying to kill me, only to find the man who would break my heart

I saw something that I wasn’t supposed to see – a high-powered man killing another. I ran for my life. When I thought that there was no place safe for me, I found a necklace that my grandfather had left me, along with a note. He had saved the life of a panther shifter in the war, and the shifter had promised him a favor. Grandpa’s note instructed me to go to the Jordan Ranch in Snow Haven and present the necklace that accompanied his note.

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Nate Jordan was not happy to see me appear on his doorstep. He was a loner who valued the quiet and seclusion of his ranch. However, he realized that he was honor bound to fulfill his grandfather’s promise and protect me from those who would see me dead.

Details About This Novel

Name: Healing The Panther’s Heart
Author: Brittany White
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Format: PDF & ePub
Size: 1 MB
Price: Free

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