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Grumpy Boss Daddy by Alexis Lee

If there’s a place of my own, it’s with him and our secret baby.
It never occurs to me that I have a dalliance with a billionaire who’s 13 years older.
Our fling dates back to six years ago. Since my mother died, I’ve indulged in sorrow until he saved the day.
At his apartment, I poured out my grievances and his voice was full of compassion. Getting tipsy, we forgot the world, a sizzling kiss intensified into a lovemaking.
He’s a virile man with charisma with whom I could take a break from harsh reality yet his brilliance put me in the shade.
Feeling inferior, I left only to discover I got knocked up.
Now facing him again, I owe him an explanation and he owns me a home.
But while my trust issues melts way, a stalker who takes secret snaps of my daughter terribly concerns me.
The menace seems never far away…