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Four Seconds Gone by Melody Anne

Jasmine Anderson and Hunter Sparks know a terrible situation when it arises, but when that situation lands in their back yard the choices on how to react become limited. When an unknown person, or people, are killing some of the most vulnerable people, it is up to the FBI’s most dynamic duo to find and apprehend those responsible for the heinous crimes. Their options are limited, especially as Jasmine heals from her injury during a shootout.

As Jasmine and Hunter lead their team, community, and friends through the investigation of who is responsible for decimating the morale, and lives, of the southern Miami area, they find the need to watch each other’s back more than ever. The chance of getting out unscathed, or even without injury, is almost zero. It is a chance they are willing, and must, take to bring down the evil that surrounds them.

Four Seconds Gone, the fourth book of the Truth In Lies series brings you an investigative, political, and romance thriller highlighting the importance of friendship, absolute determination for honor, vulnerability for those you love, and refusing to back down to any criminal enterprise, no matter the stakes – which could be life-threatening.