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First Ritual by Kelly St Clare

I’m Tempest Corentine—twenty-one, single, and already dreading the next twenty-one years. Except one month ago, the impossible happened. I formed a magical bond with someone I’ve never met. The link appeared in my darkest moment, and finding this person is my sole purpose.
Two issues:
The magus probably lives in The Buried Knolls.
The coven there might have murdered my family.
My plan? Kiss the hot guy at the bar in case I die tonight. Knock on the coven’s door. See if the council kills me at the next full moon. Foolproof.
Whether it’s fake relationships, a supernatural game, or unfathomable matching runes showing up on me and a gorgeous male grimoire, I’ll do whatever it takes to find the person on the other end of this bond.
Just try to stop me.
If you can’t get enough of books by Jaymin Eve, CN Crawford, and Laura Thalassa, or just anything paranormal romance, then enter this supernatural game and prepare to win everything… or lose it all.