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Fireman Next Door by Bella Brandon

When my brooding, smoking hot neighbor bangs on my door early one morning, I’m more than prepared to give him anything he asks for.

Even be his emergency babysitter.

Jake Ward has been a puzzle ever since he moved next door.
One minute he’s gruff, sizing me up with those chestnut eyes.
The next he’s a doting parent, laughing and smiling with his son.

The more I get to know him, I recognize a darkness deep within him.
He’s haunted by his past.
By the ghost of the woman he failed to save.

But not even a fireman can save everyone.

My nights with him are seriously hot enough to scorch,
And I see so much of myself in his sweet little boy.

I’m in serious danger of falling for Jake.
I just hope he can rescue me when I do.