You are currently viewing Devoured by Monsters (pdf, epub) by Katie May & Ann Denton

Devoured by Monsters (pdf, epub) by Katie May & Ann Denton

Looking for an extraordinary read? “Devoured by Monsters by Katie May & Ann Denton” offers a mesmerizing journey. Download the free PDF and ePub versions and get lost in its pages.

Plot Synopsis

Monsters rule the world. And now, they rule me.
After an attempt on my life, I find myself saved by an unlikely ally. Injured, confused, and faced with emotions I don’t know how to deal with, I hunker down in a monster’s safe house.
But I refuse to stay hidden.
With threats coming at us from all angles, I must learn to put my trust in the very monsters I swore to hate.
The Grotesque. The Creeper.
And then, I realize I must save the monsters who hurt and betrayed me.
The Devourer.
And unfortunately, the Empty Man.
Because something is stirring inside of me.
Something that tells me that maybe I’m not just a pet for these dangerous, malicious beasts.
I think a part of me wants to be devoured by the monsters.

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Details About

Name: Devoured by Monsters
Author: Katie May & Ann Denton
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Format: PDF & ePub
Size: 1 MB
Price: Free


Q: Where can I download a free copy of “Devoured by Monsters by Katie May & Ann Denton”?

A: You can download a free PDF and ePub version of this novel on

Q: Who is the author of “Devoured by Monsters”?

A: This novel is written by Katie May & Ann Denton.

Q: Is “Devoured by Monsters by Katie May & Ann Denton” part of a series?

A: No, This is a standalone novel.

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