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Defending Her Heart by Cassi Hart


After one broken heart too many, Nora has had it with love.

This newly reformed romantic isn’t giving Cupid any more of her time. She’s ready for a fresh start, if only she could get that pesky little breaking and entering charge dropped. Unfortunately, to do that, she has to put up with her brother’s domineering best friend, Lucian Cohen. The older attorney has her in his sights, and he’s determined to clip her wings, but Nora is equally determined to live up to her last name.


Lucian has one last nerve, and Nora Wilde is dancing on it.

As a corporate attorney, Lucian loves order and routine. He doesn’t have time for love, but when his best friend’s little sister gets herself into trouble and he’s tasked with bailing her out, he begins to rethink his stance on relationships. Nora has been allowed too much free rein, and Lucian is just the man to tame her wild ways.