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Cowboy’s Chaos by Jean Marie

23 years, that’s how long I’d been forced under his thumb.
Forcing me to be a ‘good girl’, controlling every aspect of my life, even taking every penny I earned… I’m sick of it
I refuse to submit and turn into a ghost of a woman like my mother, so when he nearly beat me to death, I decided. Running away is the only option.
Mid-escape, my car breaks down though.
Just as I think I have no other choice but to return home, I meet him.
A rough and tough biker with deliciously sexy muscles.
Years of being closed off make it difficult for me to trust a man, and I’ve heard stories that bikers were dangerous.
Slowly I begin to tell my truth.
And when I do, I gain more than just a friend.
I gained him.
He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, the type I’ve fantasized about all these years…