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Cocoa, Ivy, & Ethan St. James by J. S. Cooper

Ethan St. James is the Scrooge of my Life…
Most people have heard of love at first sight, but what I experienced with Ethan St. James was the opposite. He’s the brother of my best friend Taytum’s boyfriend and an absolute horror. I can’t believe I have to spend the holiday season with him.
The problem is, he thinks my best friend is an opportunist using his brother because he’s rich. And now, due to a misunderstanding, he thinks I’m trying to snag his other brother. Like, I need to trap someone into a relationship with me. There’s no planet in the galaxy where I would feel desperate enough to date a St. James.
But when Ethan approaches me with an offer to stop my best friend from leaving and traveling across the world, I stop and listen. He wants us to pretend to get engaged to show his brother and Taytum that they are moving too fast. I don’t think it’s the best plan ever, but I’m not ready to lose her from my life. Especially considering she hasn’t had the best taste in men in the past.
So now, here we are. Pretending we’ve fallen in love at first sight. I’m not sure we’re convincing anyone, but the Christmas season seems to make everyone believe in romance.