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Choose Us by Freesia Woodley PDF, EPUB

Experience literary brilliance with Choose Us by Freesia Woodley. Download the free PDF and ePub versions now and embark on a captivating reading journey.

Plot Synopsis

Overprotective twunks, Daddy otters, and little bears…Oh my!

Ollie Koch had all but given up on finding himself a Daddy. None of the ones he’d met were interested in a little that was hard of hearing. When Bears-4-U rolls out a new event, he hopes it will help him find the man he’s been searching for.

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Hal Mathison is fed up with trying to find his dream little. None of the men he’d gone out with matched his ideal at all. If something doesn’t change he may consider giving up on ever being a Daddy.

Gunner Benson’s mission in life was to protect his best friend. Heartbreak is a pain he strives to save Ollie from. The Bears-4-U event threatens to ruin all his hard work.

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When these three men meet the chemistry is electric, but not all the sparks between them are friendly. Prior desires and new attractions send them into a whirlwind they have no hope of escaping. Can they come together to find love or is this just one more failed romance?

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