You are currently viewing Bossy Silverfox (epub, pdf) by Ruby Wilde

Bossy Silverfox (epub, pdf) by Ruby Wilde

Looking for an extraordinary read? “Bossy Silverfox by Ruby Wilde” offers a mesmerizing journey. Download the free PDF and ePub versions and get lost in its pages.

Plot Synopsis

Falling for my billionaire silverfox bosshole was so not in my plan.
I know I’ve got what it takes to build a successful career in publishing.
Too bad my boss Leo won’t listen to anything I have to say.
So guess who’s going to be stuck with Mr. Alpha at a conference?
My luck gets even worse when my boyfriend dumps me.
Ready to forget it all, I find myself venting to Leo, who is surprisingly kind.
Before we know it, heat and desire flood my veins and my lacy panties go flying.
He’s one fine specimen…and his luscious lips send shivers to my core.
I promise myself it’s a one-time thing. But I can’t erase how his body makes mine sing.
I thought maybe Leo and I could work.
Until he shows up at my dad’s party, with his ex…and his son.
As if that wasn’t enough, it turns out he’s close friends with my dad.
Now, the real trouble begins…

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Details About

Name: Bossy Silverfox
Author: Ruby Wilde
Language: English
Genre: Humorous
Format: PDF & ePub
Size: 1 MB
Price: Free


Q: Where can I download a copy of “Bossy Silverfox by Ruby Wilde”?

A: You can download a free PDF and ePub version of “Bossy Silverfox by Ruby Wilde” on

Q: Who is the author of “Bossy Silverfox”?

A: The novel “Bossy Silverfox” is written by Ruby Wilde.

Q: Is “Bossy Silverfox by Ruby Wilde” part of a series?

A: No, “Bossy Silverfox by Ruby Wilde” is a standalone novel.

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