You are currently viewing Blood Moon (PDF, EPUB) by Michelle Madow

Blood Moon (PDF, EPUB) by Michelle Madow

Looking for an extraordinary read? “Blood Moon by Michelle Madow” offers a mesmerizing journey. Download the free PDF and ePub versions and get lost in its pages.

Plot Synopsis

During a ski trip in the Adirondack Mountains, she discovers just how different she is. One night, she’s chatting with friends when she glances up and sees the moon turn blood red. Suddenly, Ruby shifts into a wolf and takes off, running through the woods like a creature possessed.

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When she’s herself again, she seeks refuge in the house of Connor Ward, the mysterious and devastatingly gorgeous guy whose party she attended the night before.

But Connor offers her more than a place to hide out. He has answers. About her, her powers, and the undeniable attraction between them.

But discovering she’s a shifter is only the beginning. Despite her ability to shift, she’s unable to use shifter magic, which relegates her to the lowest tier of shifter society. As she tries to adapt to this new world, strange things start happening in Pine Valley. Humans begin disappearing. Ruby’s eyes change color overnight. And a new kind of magic emerges.

Details About

Name: Blood Moon
Author: Michelle Madow
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy 
Format: PDF & ePub
Size: 1 MB
Price: Free


Q: Who is the author of “Blood Moon”?

A: This novel is written by Michelle Madow.

Q: Where can I download a free copy of “Blood Moon by Michelle Madow”?

A: You can download a free PDF and ePub version of this novel on

Q: Is “Blood Moon by Michelle Madow” part of a series?

A: No, This is a standalone novel.

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