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Bitten By The Alpha Boss by Skye Wilson

My new boss thinks he owns me. I can’t decide if I hate him. Or if I want to kiss him…
I’ll do whatever it takes to impress my super smart, serious boss. Thanks to my secret crush, I’ve moved cities and given up everything to become part of Jacobian’s pack.
Shifters from his pack are being hunted down and I’ve been brought into his elite tech team. Now I’m risking my life to conduct corporate espionage and gather intelligence.
But impressing Jacobian is proving way harder than I thought. When one of the employees I’m spying on starts showing interest in me, Jacobian forbids me from putting myself at further risk.
I know I’m only an intern, but I don’t appreciate being micromanaged, and I plan to show him exactly what I’m capable of.
I’ll do anything for my career, except the determined look in Jacobian’s eyes tells me there’s another reason behind all the special attention he’s giving me. And surely one little love bite can’t hurt…