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Beg For It Then by d Bertie

I couldn’t look at Lochlan Losten and not see everything he helped take from me: my home, car, money, college…everything.
So why does it feel so good to be with him?
I was 17 when my grandmother died, and creditors came to take everything. I’ll never forget the sound of that man’s voice as he dismissed me while I stood crying on the sidewalk.
But four years later, I’m not the same person. I’ve learned not to want things because I don’t get to keep them, so I steal moments and then walk away.
I don’t know what he thinks he’s going to take from me this time, but I’m not going to make it easy.
It’s been years since she asked if I was always so cold as tears ran down her face. I told her that I was, but that was a lie. She makes me feel anything but cold.
There’s never been anything in my life that I haven’t accomplished, anything that I haven’t reached. Briar has a million walls around her, but I’ll rip every one of them down.
She thinks she knows what it’s like to go up against me, but last time there wasn’t even anything in it for me. This time, I want to win, because if I do, she’s mine.