You are currently viewing A Female Alpha for the Lycan Prince by Isa Rinner

A Female Alpha for the Lycan Prince by Isa Rinner

Celine is the Alpha of the Moon Blood pack, one of the few female Alphas in existence. She has it all, strong allies, a supportive family, great friends and a pack that would do anything for her… She has everything but love, since her mate acts like she doesn’t exist. To deal with her heartache she buries herself in her work, trying to mend her broken heart. To prove her worth, she tries everything in her power to strengthen her pack and to help those who need her, such as Valerie, a weak teenage girl without the ability to shift… and the sister of the pack’s traitor.

Marius is a royal Lycan and the second oldest son to the most powerful Alpha in existence. He is used to being in the shadow of his perfect older brother but doesn’t mind as no one spares him a second glance, allowing him to keep his dark secret hidden. Marius is quite content on his own and never wanted a mate… especially not an Alpha she-wolf! Celine cannot be a part of his future and he must fight the mate bond to protect himself.